Standard Reference Documents

Safe Load Programs Standard (SLP) reference documents were previously known as Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP) codes of practice.  These documents are now managed by Safe Load Program and are referred to as either operating standards and operating guidelines, a number of these documents are currently under review by SLP and we hope to see many of them released in late 2015.

Operating Standards

OS1 Performance specification & use of certain fittings in both road & rail tanker operations (under review)

OS2 Aviation Selective Couplings Standard

OS3 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Clothing Standard

OS5 Pipeline, road tanker compartment & underground tank identification

OS8 Precautions against electrostatic ignition during tank vehicle loading (under review)

OS10 Road Tanker - Overfill Protection Standard

OS14 The transport of petroleum products by road (under review)

OS27 Performance specification & use of certain fittings in both road & rail tanker operations (under review)

OS29 The operation & maintenance of aviation fueling vehicles (under review)

Operating Guidelines

OG7 Pass-2-Load Operating Guideline

OG8 The content & organisation of emergency plans (under review)

OG10 Health screening of heavy goods vehicle drivers in the oil industry (under review)

OG12 Guidelines for safe above ground fuel storage on farms & industrial sites (under review)

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