Frequently Asked Questions

SLP has no plans at this time to create a training program for LPG, LNG, CNG, Bitumen or Lubricants.

No, we will only charge you for the ID card application and or renewal; we will issue an LPG passport renewal at no charge.  As always you will be required to attend LPG driver accreditation training before a renewal will be issued by SLP.

Please Note: if you only require an SLP LPG passport then please contact SLP and we will discuss the current options available to you;

These range from being granted a 12 month extension or requiring that you seek training before we issue you with a new LPG passport. both options will not incur a cost from SLP to supply the passport document.  LPG Training costs are not managed by SLP and will need to be negotiated with the training provider.

No, you don’t need to apply for an SLP ID card if you are an LPG only passport holder. As an LPG only passport holder you will still need to contact SLP when your passport is about to expire and apply for a renewal and attend training with one of the approved SLP LPG Passport Driver Accreditation trainers.

No, if you are only training drivers in the SLP (AIP) driver accreditation training for LPG.

But if the driver also requires training in the new SLP Load Training then they will need to seek training from a licensed SLP Load Trainer.

No, not at this time, but this may change if an individual requests a replacement a number of times.

No, but SLP Joint Venture partners are reviewing the options available with the current online induction programs for drivers and may seek to reduce or remove the requirement for online inductions.

So at this time the program does not replace any existing programs or inductions specific to terminals but has been designed to compliment terminal programs, and ensure that applicants have the necessary information to enter a terminal safely.

No, your SLP passport will be valid (recognised) by terminals until it expires.

You will however need to apply for an SLP ID card before your SLP passport expires, then attend face to face load training and complete the online assessment to ensure you retain terminal access.

Yes, all drivers that hold a current SLP passport will be required to attend SLP face to face load training when their current SLP Driver Accreditation Training passport expires at the end of its 3 years.

No, you are not required to hold an SLP passport or the new SLP ID unless the terminal you enter insists that you are trained and assessed under the SLP program.

No, SLP load training is valid for only 2 years before requiring you to renew the ID and be reassessed for competency.

A full list of licensed ID card load trainers for SLP is available on the SLP web site.

If your contact details are not correct then SLP will not be able to keep you informed of changes to:

  • SLP Load training.
  • advise you by text or email when your ID card is close to expiry.
  • inform you of the latest industry safety updates
  • without the correct details your new ID card may be sent to the wrong address?

Yes, but only for a period of 3months after your ID card expiry date. If you fail to renew your ID before 2 years 3 months, you will be required to apply for a new ID card as a new driver and will again be required to attend face to face training before booking in for your first assessment.

No, there is no cost increase for the renewal every 2 years; an ID card will cost approximately two thirds that of a current 3 year passport renewal.

No, you only need to attend face to face load training once, face to face training is only required for the initial introduction to the new SLP load training program. When your ID expires in 2 years you will be required to renew your ID card and complete an online assessment at a terminal, once you pass your ID is then valid for another 2 years.
You will also be able to refresh your training by watching the online training modules as many times as you wish before booking in to a terminal to complete the online assessment.

The SLP ID card will be processed within three (3) working days of completing the assessment; the card will be mailed to the postal address you have provided to SLP in your online contact details and should arrive within ten (10) working days.

Ensure your postal address details are correct before completing your online assessment.

Contact SLP and discuss the issue with us, this can be done confidentially if you wish.

You have 30 days to complete load training online assessment from the date your trainer confirmed your attendance at face to face training.

Please Note; you will not be permitted access to a terminal to load or conduct assisted loading unless you have a valid SLP passport or you have passed an SLP ID online assessment or can provide a valid SLP ID card.

Yes; the online assessment is classed as open book.  You are permitted to refer back to your SLP Load training work book and your training notes during the online assessment.

When completing your online assessment:

  • you are not permitted to make or receive phone calls, or send or receive text messages;
  • search or surf the  internet;
  • you are not permitted to have anyone assist you or be present with you during the assessment other than the terminal supervisor, who is limited to assisting you with how to navigate the assessment web site.

If you turn up at a terminal to complete an online assessment without an making an appointment you will be turned away, you must ring and make an appointment with the terminal.

You will need to provide photo identification in the form of:

  • a current valid International or Australian passport
  • a current valid Australian drivers license.

If the terminal supervisor has confirmed your ID in the SLP system and you leave the terminal before having completed your online assessment, the supervisor will block your access to the online assessment until you return to the terminal and complete the online assessment.

A full list of terminals and depots providing ID card online assessments is available on the SLP web site.

Yes, booking for an assessment can be made at a terminal by either the applicant, or the trainer on applicants behalf. These bookings can be made prior to completion of face-to-face training.  This will allow a smooth transition from the face-to-face training to the assessment.  Please note, that the trainer MUST approve the face-to-face training before the applicant can sit their assessment.

The web portal contains a list of all participating terminals that are able to run assessments, if an applicant books in for an assessment, and the terminal then refuses to let the applicant sit that assessment, then please inform SLP.
Terminals will make all reasonable efforts to allow ample time and resources for applicants to sit their assessments.

30 questions, these are selected randomly from a pool of 40-50 questions. The questions will appear in different order each time, and the correct multiple-choice answers will be rearranged each time.  I.E. no two assessments will ever be the same.

No, no time limit.  SLP anticipates that it will take an applicant between 5 and 20 minutes to complete the assessment.

The applicant will be encouraged to contact either SLP, or their trainer.  All failed applicants, SLP will contact the trainer to determine the trainers view on the readiness of the applicant for terminal entry, and the assessment.  SLP at its discretion, and based on the discussion with the trainer, may reset the applicant for a further 3 attempts at the assessment, or request the driver attend another face to face training event before resetting the assessment system for a further 3 attempts at assessment.

You are given 3 attempts at passing the assessment when you attend the terminal. If you are unfortunate and fail all 3 attempts at the assessment, you will then be required to contact SLP or your trainer.
SLP and your trainer will discuss what options are available and if you may be required to attend further face to face training.


SLP ID cards are valid for 2 years, before you are required to renew your ID card and complete a new competency assessment.

All new ID cards are for a specific date range.
New ID cards are for a 2-year period from the expiry of the previous ID, renewal and assessment can be made up to 3 months prior to the ID expiry.

Don’s example;

  • Don’s ID card expires on the 6th February 2016;
  • he pays for his renewal on the 18th November 2015;
  • Don books into a terminal and completes an online assessment on the 12th of December 2015;
  • Dons ID will remain current and be updated from the 6th February 2016 to the 7th February 2018;
  • A new ID card is generated sent to Don with the expiry date of the 7th February 2018;
  • Don has not lost any of his previously paid ID period.

Please check the following:

  • check your SLP contact details are correct? (ID cards are sent to your postal address)
  • do you have a ID photo included in your details? (a passport style image is required)
    • if the ID image is not suitable, a card will not be produced or posted
  • have you completed the online assessment correctly, did you receive an on screen message at the end of the assessment advising you that you had passed the assessment?

If all of the items above are correct please contact SLP admin for further assistance.

Dangerous Goods license details must be included in the applicant profile before they can proceed to the assessment stage.  It is a requirement of the applicant to be sure they have their Dangerous Goods license details available before starting the SLP ID process.
We understand that in some states a Dangerous Goods license can take up to 8 weeks to be issued, but SLP cannot be expected to compensate for processes outside of SLP control.  We are required to record the ID card holders Dangerous Goods license number before fully approving an applicant’s ID card application.

Dangerous Goods license and driver license details are required as part of the new ID application
Note: Dangerous Goods license details do not physically appear on the ID card.

Not at this time, but SLP is reviewing if this will be of benefit to SLP members and ID card holders in the future.

The details of the ID photo and instructions for uploading are located on the ID application page on the web site. The applicant can complete an application without a photo being uploaded, and a photo can be uploaded at any time later.

Note that an ID card will not be produced if an appropriate photo has not been uploaded.

All new IDs will have a specific expiry date. Drivers will have access to SLP website including all the training material and videos, right up until the expiry date (plus 3 months post expiry).  This will ensure that every driver has the best opportunity to be prepared to sit the re-assessment to renew their ID.  Please note that once an ID has expired, the Driver will not be given access to any participating terminal.

No, the program is designed to protect the personnel and assets that enter SLP participating terminals.  The content is specifically around agreed acceptable practices, procedures and behaviour within these participating SLP terminals. While safe driving practice is implied throughout the program, it is only in reference to requirements within participating terminals.

Bookings need to be made with SLP via email

(Bookings will only be accepted via email "Contact SLP")

The cost of training approximately $600 + GST per person plus the trainers travel, accommodation and meals if required. Payments must be made prior to the course date.
(Participants; Travel, accommodation, meals and beverages are at their own expense)

A Load Training "train the trainer" course  takes approximatly 3 hours.

Minimum requirements

  1. A certificate 4 in training (evidence must be provided on request)

The following knowledge requirements are considered valuable but not compulsory

  1. 4 years experience in the fuel industry either in dangerous goods road transport or terminal gantry operations. evidence of this experience would come in the form of references.
  2. 2 oil industry referees providing details of your experience within the industry.


Yes, one license per trainer but one company or business can hold many licenses for many trainers.

Yes, trainers who are also drivers can approve their own face-to-face training under the presumption that they are competent and will pass the online assessment conducted at a participating terminal.

No, the SLP license is for one trainer only. All licensed trainers are required to attend SLP Load Training "train the trainer" courses.

SLP Load Training licensing is for one calendar year ending on the 31st December each year. If payment is not relieved by the end of January each year the trainers license is canceled and access to the SLP online systems removed.

Trainers will only be able to access high level applicant details.
Enough detail to determine that the applicant they are approving is the applicant that attended their face-to-face training.
No contact details are displayed for the trainer.

Yes; In extreme circumstances, but you will need to contact SLP Administration for details of the requirements for bulk payments.   Please note this transaction process is not as time efficient as paying online via credit card and could take an extended period to complete.

Where relevant, Invoices will be sent out to trainers for payment at the end of each year for the following year, e.g. license invoices for the following year will be sent out in December for payment by 31st January.

No, once you have attended a train the trainer course with SLP you are not required to attend another train the trainer course to hold a SLP load trainer license with a employer , you are required however to have your  new employer enter into a license agreement with SLP before you can provide Load Training.

Your previous original license agreement will be canceled and once you have a new license agreement in place you will be issued with a new SLP web site access ID and password.

A driver’s supervisor or manager can make the ID application on behalf of the driver and the manager can use a company credit card to complete payment.

Ensure the driver’s email address and/or mobile number is included in the online application information so he is sent an email or text message with his unique ID number.  If you set a password for him, please advise him of this also as he will need the Username (ID Number) and Password to access his online profile and to log on to complete his terminal assessment.

No; SLP will not refund application fees paid.  The fees paid to SLP as part of the ID Program cover the administration of the program, the creation of all the programs associated tools, and ongoing support.

SLP will take special requests for refund on a case by case basis, in consultation with the trainer.

If the trainer is not satisfied with the applicant’s performance during face to face training, they can “Not Approve” their training and the process will not proceed to assessment.

All payments made by a credit card, either a company credit card, or a personal credit card are provided with an online payment advice receipt or document on successful completion of the transaction.  It is strongly suggested you either print the receipt or save to your computer for printing at a later date.

If for some reason, you have not been able to print or save a receipt, contact SLP with the relevant invoice information, i.e. transaction date, credit card holder and driver name and SLP will attempt to retrieve a copy of your receipt.

Yes, SLP's ID card online application and renewal system requires payment via a credit card.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  There is a 3% surcharge to cover the processing costs for Amex.

If you need more information please contact SLP

No; payment for SLP ID Cards must be paid by credit card through our secure web portal accessed via the SLP website.

No, access will not be provided to companies to view or modify their employees ID card details.
ID card details are accessible by the individual ID card holder and by SLP approved administrators and agents only.

Send an email or call SLP with your question and we will try to answer the question as soon as possible within the next 7 days.

No, SLP member companies believe that due to the very small number of top loading facilities in operation today, development of a separate training program is not warranted.

Send an email (enquiry) to [email protected] detailing the following:

  1. Name of Business
  2. Trading location
  3. Experience dealing with Dangerous goods tankers
  4. Business contact information
  5. Experience working with Road Tanker Equipment
  6. Qualifications/ Skills & Experience of all personnel who will be performing the inspections


  1. Experience working with Road Tanker Equipment
  2. Qualifications/ Skills & Experience of all personnel who will be performing the inspections


Yes: please click on either the "Pass-2-Load or Information" tabs on the SLP web site and follow the links to Pass-2-Load or standards documents and checklists. If the document you are looking for is not there then please contact SLP for advice.