The aim of the Pass-2-Load program is to ensure that bulk fuel road tankers regularly complete a set of Oil industry “best practice” safety checks.  The Pass-2-Load applies to all bulk fuel road tankers that load products at gantries supplying dangerous goods and combustible liquids at all participating oil industry facilities.  Approved Inspection Locations provide inspection services for bulk fuel carriers that require access to participating oil industry facilities.  Approved Inspection Locations (AIL’s) are responsible for inspecting vehicles in accordance with a checklist, maintaining current inspection records, creating and maintaining a quality procedure, issuing the pass-2-Load passes and maintaining a register of passes issued.  Inspection Locations use Guideline SLP OG7 to ensure consistency when performing equipment inspections Currently Guideline SLP OG7 is not available to workshops outside the approved inspection location network.

How to become an Inspection Location

To become an Approved Inspection Location, please submit a written request on headed paper addressed to:

Program Manager

Safe Load Program™

PO Box 20345

World Square NSW  2002


Details to Include in the application include

  1. Trading Name of Business
  2. Contact names and numbers
  3. Location
  4. Experience working with Road Tanker Equipment

Qualifications and Experience of personnel performing inspections

Pass-2-Load Labels

Pass-2-Load labels are only available from Safe Load Program

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