Pass-2-Load Updates

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Pass-2-Load inspection expiry date and label colour changes.

What has changed?

  • SLP has changed the way expiry dates are applied under the Vehicle Compliance Program.
  • Pass-2-Load, Hatch & Vent and Hydrostatic test expiry dates are now automatically extended to the end of month.
  • No matter what date the inspection is completed, expiry date will be extended to end of month.
  • Commencing 1st of November 2017 the need for SLP Pass-2-Load inspection labels to be coloured either Yellow or Blue according to the period the label expires will cease.
  • Once all SLP’s current stocks of Blue labels are sold, SLP will issue “Yellow” labels only.

 Why change?

  • SLP has made this change to allow transport operators the ability to better manage and align their vehicle maintenance and inspection requirements allowing for product hose, extinguisher and vehicle servicing to be aligned with a Pass-2-Load, Hatch & Vent and Hydrostatic test inspection.
  • With the introduction of the SLP electronic vehicle inspection system (VCP) and our increased independent inspection program the need to change Label colours in line with the expiry is not required.
  • How the program is used and monitored has significantly change from the original creation of the Pass-2-Load  scheme, and this is just further streamlining the way the inspection program is managed.
  • In a recent review we found that at high number of SLP users either had no awareness of why we used the coloured labels, or were not using the label colour as a means of identifying if the vehicle was expired. While many others simply found the colour system process was confusing.

Vehicle Compliance Program System expiry date change

  • The VCP IT system will automatically set the Pass-2-Load expiry date to 6 months plus the required number of days to end of month. A note is displayed in the system advising of this when the inspection is being entered. The same applies to Hatch & Vent 2 ½ yearly and 5 yearly Hydrostatic tests.
  • Note:

(The expiry date will be set to the end of the month regardless of the date selected)

  • The system will allow for expiry dates to be manually changed in the system to any date under end of month allowing users to manually select a date less than six months end of month due to a Standard or legislated compliance date that needs to be complied with.
  • If you are experiencing any problems with the system or a vehicle expiry date please contact us at SLP and we will work with you to rectify the problem.

Benefits label colour change

  • In the future SLP Inspection locations will only need to keep the one coloured label in stock.
  • The change will remove confusion over the way the labels are issued and monitored.

FAQ’s for label colour change

  • I’m an AIL and currently have a large number of blue labels in stock can I still use them?
    • From 1st this month both yellow and blue labels are acceptable to fit to customer vehicles.
  • I’m an AIL and have blue labels in stock, can I fit them on customer vehicles now?
    • Yes you can attach either a yellow or blue label to a customer vehicle from 1st of Nov 2017.
  • What colour labels will SLP be supplying in the future?
    • In the future SLP will only supply a Yellow Pass-2-Load Label, in the short term SLP will quit its stocks of blue labels, so some customers may be issued with a mix of blue and yellow as we clear our current stocks.
  • How will I know what month the Pass-2-Load Label on a vehicle expires if I cant use the label colour as a guide?
    • You can view the expiry date written on the label, or go online to SLP-VCP website and type in the vehicle registration and confirm the vehicle Pass-2-Load expiry date.
  • Do I need to do anything different when ordering Pass-2-Load Labels?
    • AIL users will have access to a new purchasing link found in the Vehicle compliance Program Portal, this can be found under the “Documentation” Tab on your home screen. Note the old purchasing system will remain in place until the end of the year and can still be used to purchase labels.
  • Will the SLP OG7 be updated to reflect the changes?
    • Yes an updated version of the SLP Operating Guide 7 will be released in Jan 2018 with all the latest changes included.

For all queries, please contact:  Lee Stringer

SLP Manager  1300 921 713   -  option 3

[email protected]

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