EIP Update

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EPI (Emergency Information Panel) Mounting Information.
Terminal and Inspection locations have requested clarification on access requirements to EIP’s mounted at the rear of B-Double lead trailers.

Lessons learned
• The rear of B-Double lead trailers is often a difficult if not impossible location to mount an EIP that can be easily accessed from ground level.
• Tanker manufactures and vehicle owners should ensure EIP signs that are regularly switched can be accessed by a driver while standing at ground level to increase driver safety and lower the risk of slips or falls.
• The exception to this rule is any EIP located at the rear of a B-Double lead tanker, the mounting options available for EIP’s where they can be easily accessed from the ground is often rare.
• Signs located at the rear of B-Double lead trailers are rarely used unless the tanker combination is split and the lead tanker is operated as a single trailer unit.
• The risk of injury is lower for these signs based on the signs infrequent use.
• The need to provide a safe means of access to any EIP sign that is not easily accessible from the ground is an important part of reducing driver slips and falls.
Please read more: SLP EIP Update flyer


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