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Terminal operators across the country have placed smart watches and fitness monitoring bands into the same high risk category as other portable electronic devices, banning the wearing or use of these devices to fuel terminals and loading gantries.

If you’re wearing a smart watch or fitness band please confirm with fuel terminal staff that the device you’re wearing is approved for use in their terminal.

Digital wrist watches are not typically considered a safety risk unless they contain the features of a smart watch e.g. Bluetooth, WIFI, etc.

Smart watches and fitness monitoring bands can be equipped with features like; Bluetooth, WIFI, SMS and in some cases, can operate as a phone c/w a phone sim card and mobile network access, receiving phone calls, SMS messages and notifications. It’s difficult for terminal operators to assess these differing devices and ever changing specifications for their safe use and compliance with safety standards.

So many terminals across the country have taken the option to  ban the use of all smart watches and fitness monitoring bands or straps.

These devices can be a distraction while loading a vehicle in a terminal and some devices are fitted with very high powered large capacity lithium batteries that do not comply with the regulations for use within a zone 1 atmosphere.

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