AIL Vehicle Compliance Program Stage 2 March 2016

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The SLP Vehicle Compliance Program (VCP), has been accepting applications from transport companies & many companies have been entering vehicle data.

AIL’s you now have access to the online VCP portal via your current user ID and password. I encourage you to login and explore the functions of the VCP system.

From the 1st of July any vehicle applying for a Pass-2-load inspection must have been entered into VCP by the vehicle owner.  AIL’s must not accept vehicles for inspection after this date if the vehicle is not in the VCP system.

Stage 1:

Proactive bulk fuel transport operators have been making applications to the VCP system since Sep-2015 and have been entering their vehicle details. There are still a large number of transport operators that are leaving it to the last minute to enter vehicles in the system. Again we ask AIL’s to assist us in reminding transport operators to make an application and start entering their vehicles in system.

Stage 2:

AIL’s now have access to the VCP system and you can start entering future Pass-2-Load inspection details directly into the online system.

From the 1st July 2016 only vehicles entered in the VCP system by the owner will qualify for a Pass-2-Load inspection at any Authorised Inspection Location.

Stage 3: (Qtr. 3, 2016 Roadworthy) SLP will provide more details on the requirement and time frame for implementation for vehicle owners declaration of vehicle roadworthy.

(more information will be released in the future)

The VCP page on the SLP web site contains links to AIL training videos providing details on how to access, search and enter inspection data and other information.

If you require further information please contact

Lee Stringer SLP Manager

Phone 0419 908 919 or [email protected]



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