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Increasingly transport operators are choosing to replace pen and paper with electronic methods of record keeping and customer delivery conformation. Safe Load Program partners have reviewed the risks associated with the use of these handheld and fixed data units (tablets) in vehicle cabins in terminals, and has agreed a number of safety measures be applied to ensure a data unit does not become an ignition source in a terminal or loading gantry.

Data units shall not be removed from the vehicle cabin when inside an SLP terminal. Devices can be securely fixed to the vehicle or mounted in a cradle, either fixed or removable or simply handheld.
However data units shall not be removed from a cradle when the vehicle is inside a terminal unless the unit is attached to the vehicle via a robust lanyard, cable, cord or strap.

Data units shall be turned off before entering an SLP loading gantry hazardous area. Data units shall be completely powered off before entering a loading gantry, the unit shall not transmit or receive data via a phone network, Wi-Fi, radio or Bluetooth while in an SLP terminal loading gantry hazardous area.

Data entry “in an approved area” 
Many SLP Terminals will allow drivers to enter data into a unit when the following is applied:

- the vehicle is stationary and the vehicle park brake is applied;
- the vehicle is parked in an area approved by the terminal operator;
- the vehicle doors and windows are completely closed; and
- the data unit is not to be removed from its cradle unless its tethered to the vehicle.
- Data units shall not be used as a phone when inside an SLP terminal. (Even if the function is available it shall not be used when the vehicle is inside an SLP terminal)
- Handheld data units shall meet all of the requirements of Australian Standards.
A copy of the electronic handheld compliance document (OS7-CD-2.1.001 V1 11-2015) should be obtained from SLP to ensure your Data unit is compliant.

NOTE: This approval does not extend to other handheld or electronic devices for personal use only; e.g. personal mobile phone, smart phone, smart watch, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple watch, fitness monitor, MP3 player, DVD player, computer, tablet, Go Pro, sports camera, etc.

For all queries, please contact:

Lee Stringer
SLP Manager [email protected]
0419 908 919

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