Thanks 2015

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Think safe, enjoy the Christmas and New Year period.

Karen, Don and Lee look forward to talking or catching up with you in 2016.

Its been another busy year for many in our industry including us at SLP, our small team got even smaller this year with Phil Summers our Compliance Manager ending his 2-year contract and leaving us in March and we do thank Phil for his good work at SLP. Don has now taken on the role of Compliance Manager while still actively working with Karen Anderson in running our SLP office in Queensland.

2015 Vehicle Compliance Program

We launched the VCP in September with stages 2 and 3 to follow in 2016, we have seen a good number of transport operators jump onto the system and enter their vehicles in preparation for stage two. A special tanks to those Transport operators that have made the early effort and entered their vehicles into the system I am sure you will see the benefits from not rushing to enter vehicles at the last minute next year.

At this time stage two is scheduled for March 2016 when vehicles will need to be in the VCP system before they can be inspected by an AIL under the Pass-2-Load scheme. I will be sending information out to AIL’s and Terminal operators very soon that shows how to login and operate the VCP online auditing system. Information on stage three will be provided by me some time around May 2016; but be assured we will provide plenty of time for companies to prepare for any change required to meet stage three. If you have any concerns please call me direct (0419908919) and I will be happy to discuss any area of the VCP with you.

2016 SLP Rates

If you are not aware already SLP operates on a very low cost platform and seeks only to recover its operating costs, in order to keep our costs as low as possible we recently made a number of changes including reducing staff numbers. We will continue to keep our operating costs as low as possible while providing an affective program to industry.  Unfortunately next year we will still be required to make a small increase in the cost of SLP Pass-2-Load labels and SLP Load Training ID cards.

SLP in 2016

We will continue to conduct random vehicle inspections held at partner terminals across the country, Auditing of AIL licences, the implementation of the Vehicle Compliance Program, participation in the review of AS2809 with Australian Standards and many other industry groups. We are also working on a number initiatives to make our business administration more efficient and further reduce our operating costs, while providing the same or even better level of service.

So again please say stay safe and enjoy the season, we also hope 2016 is all you wish.


Warmest Regards from the SLP Team

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